Durdhara: The Unstoppable One

Presented on July 8, 2017 at The Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts in Chicago, IL

Sarmishtha Sarkar combines dance and poetry to portray Amba, heroine of the Mahabharata, who's misfortunes in life result in feelings of revenge to destroy the great Bhishma. She goes through many  misfortunes in life, yet stands strong against all odds. Her life is like a book in where each page comes up with a new event that only adds to the trauma she is experiencing. Embittered and lost, she pulls herself together to avenge the pain inflicted by others. She is admired for her tremendous determination, strength and focus. Durdhara: The Unstoppable One, denotes Amba's tireless pursuit for revenge, not just through one, but two life cycles. Her story also reminds us how a soul can suffer and allow that suffering to control her life.

The main production was opened by Ishti's "Prasakti", an excerpt from their larger production, seeking to be and Alana Parekh's Relief Will Come.

Listen to Sarmishtha Sarkar, Kinnari Vora and Preeti Veerlapati discuss Durdhara on WBEZ's segment Weekend Passport!


Script, Concept, Choreography: Sarmishtha Sarkar

Performers: Sarmishtha Sarkar, Kinnari Vora, Vinanti Mistry

Narrator: Preeti Veerlapati

Music: O.S. Arun, Bombay Jayashree, Nishit Mehta, Kuldeep Pai and Bikram Ghosh

Sound Editing: Sunil Dholakia

Narration: Radhika  Buddhdev

Translation: Gargi Shah